SA – Launch event and Affect Workshop for Schools


Workshop: Affect & Emotion in the Restorative School

Friday 17 April, 2015

What role do emotions play in our students’ behaviour? in their learning?
How do feelings drive the learning process?
How do we best help students develop emotionally? socially? intellectually?

Understanding the biology of human emotion gives teachers valuable insights into
behavioural issues, and how restorative approaches can work so well to build and
nurture relationships in a school. This workshop drew from a number of areas in
psychology to help teachers better understand human behaviour and motivation, how
restorative processes work, and how to build psychological resilience and develop
learning skills. The psychology of the learning process was explored to help develop
pedagogy that builds relationship while challenging students to academic success.

Katy Hutchison’s Vist

Katy Hutchison’s visit was an opportunity to launch the South Australia chapter of RPI on Thursday evening, 3rd May. Over 80 people attended including teachers, judges, police, juvenile and adult justice officials and many more. The Commissioner for Victims Rights in SA, Michael O’Connell officially launched the Chapter, and Katy told her story – always a very powerful and moving presentation. The entire evening was captured on video and will provide some rich content for our website.

Local members of RPI, Tony Waters and Debbie Laycock will be establishing an initial steering committee. Their contacts details for those interested are:

Tony Waters:

Debbie Laycock: