Welcome to Restorative Practices International,
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As a network, our focus is on strengthening connections and a sense of belonging, and providing opportunities for growing our practice.

Restorative Practices

For the purposes of RPI, we use the term practice as a collective to encompass all fields of practice including but not limited to: policing, corrections, courts, juvenile justice, community, schools, families, environment, organisations and workplaces. As a social movement, intent on reform, we value the experience and wisdom of practitioners in these varying fields.

Our Purpose

We support our members to deepen their awareness and integration of Restorative Practices to transform individuals and society.

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8 hours ago

Often it is nothing more than a fist bump, hug or kind word that makes the difference in a student’s day. This costs nothing but is so valuable!Join the “Maslow Before Bloom” Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/maslowbeforebloom ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Let's welcome our new members:Rachel Hays,Aurora Bee,Zola Mitchell,Megan Kinkade,Bianca Leigh Parks,Carmen Zeisler,Julia May,Alyce O'Neill,KT Dee,Jennifer Kirkham,Marion Riehemann ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

I’m a Dean at a high school. Several years ago I started a Peer Court program. It’s alway been taught by someone else and that person worked in tandem with me as I oversee the program. With budget cuts at play, the person whose taught the class for years has been excessed. The expectation is now for me to teach the class. I’m a former teacher and principal, so I don’t mind teaching it, it’s just not feasible with my primary roles as a Dean. Need ideas on how to make this work. ... See MoreSee Less
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