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RPI proudly partners with RJ World to present 50 restorative thought leaders.

RJ World 2022, from April 23-30, 2022, will bring together people from restorative justice and restorative practice initiatives from across the world. Presenters will pre-record interviews and share them to the eConference website to be viewed throughout the duration of the conference.

Audiences can join three learning streams, curated to address different stages of restorative work – HATCHING: For those starting out in the field, GROWTH: for evolving, maturing and established iniatives and ECOSYSTEMS: Engaging and influencing communities and institutions.  More

Our international conferences and local events have been melting pots for influencers, ideas, and policy development.

Pre COVID19, our unique, multi-disciplinary conferences explore the broad spectrum of alternative conflict resolution processes, including both the latest developments within each discipline and the potential for cross-fertilisation and collaboration between approaches. Plenary sessions dealt with issues of common concern while workshops enabled practitioners and policymakers within the various fields of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and restorative justice/practice to share learning and encourage innovation.

Living with COVID19 has shown us now more than ever, the importance of staying connected, which is why we are now in the process of developing online learning options fore our community. We are delighted to have  been partners with RJ Word Conference from its 2020 beginnings and look forward to our ongoing collaboration.


RPI Webinars 2024 – Margaret Thorsborne & Sue Attrill

Join our 90 minute webinar to explore the importance of human connection; and the links between Trauma-Informed Practice, Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory and Restorative Practice. DATE Thursday 25 July 2024 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM (UTC+10) LOCATION Online event access details will be provided by the event organiser CRP Conference – ANU | Call For Abstracts Closes June 17 | Marie Reay Teaching Centre (Building 155)

Call for submissions: Restorative Practices Conference in Canberra

The Contemporary Restorative Practices Conference in Canberra, set for November 21-23, 2024, invites the restorative justice community tojoin a transformative event: For more details and to contribute, download and fill out this document….

Workshop: Redefining Leadership in A Post Pandemic World – Lee Rush

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the life-changing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s evident that the need for human connection has only grown stronger. Amidst reflections on the crisis and its leadership, a shift towards new models is discernible, with the concept of leadership focusing on more on the art of convening and facilitating versus motivating and inspiring. Drawing inspiration from Peter Block’s work, this workshop introduces six pivotal conversations aimed at fostering personal transformation and organizational evolution. Each conversation stems from thought-provoking questions, emphasizing the power of invitation over mandates, the significance of envisioning possibilities rather than fixating on problems, the importance of asserting refusal to lend weight to our affirmations, and the transformative potential of focusing on gifts rather than shortcomings. Participants will be equipped with actionable processes for effecting genuine social change. Objectives: This methodology, termed “A Small Group,” has been successfully implemented worldwide across diverse sectors, including business, education, grassroots community organizing, collaborative problem-solving, faith communities, and initiatives fostering “economies of compassion” or neighborly connections. At the heart of my approach to nurturing “restorative communities” lies the conviction that global change takes root at the local level. Participants will be prompted with a simple yet profound question…