Creating Restorative Workplaces and Institutions

This month’s blog features Charlotte Calkin’s video from the RJ World conference in 2022 titled Creating Restorative Workplaces and Institutions. Charlotte asks some import questions, given that we all pretty much work somewhere! What does this broader application of restorative approaches mean in practice? How does it work across such different settings? How does the theory become application in all these different environments? What are the benefits? How is that evidenced?Charlotte has worked in the restorative world for many years as a trainer, facilitator, and consultant and is an expert in both the fields of Restorative Justice (RJ) and Restorative Practice (RP). Her organisation, REF, is currently working with many organisations across a range of sectors implementing RJ and RP including: health, education, the Criminal Justice System, statutory agencies, and the workplace. Charlotte works across all sectors implementing a restorative culture through a blend of techniques including: Coaching, Nonviolent Communication, Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Enquiry as well as Restorative Practice.