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Leadership Team

Members of the International board of Restorative Practices International.

Margaret Thorsborne (AU) -  Director & Chair
Portfolio: Branch Development, Events & Membership

Queensland, AU

Marg is a co-founder and founding member of RPI.

My first exposure to restorative justice felt like I had been struck by a bolt of (good) lightning. It has continued to be so for me, as I work to help transform relationships and organisations. It is truly exciting work.

Being on the board of RPI continues to provide me with an opportunity to expand my networks and understanding of other sectors that work in this healing space, connecting with some truly outstanding and wise folk who share the same vision to make a difference.


Sue Attrill (AU) - Director and Treasurer
Portfolio: Treasurer, Branch Development & Membership
Queensland, AU

I first learnt about Restorative approaches when working in a support role in schools and am excited and passionate about spreading the word. As a longstanding Branch Member of RPI QLD, I joined the RPI Board of Directors in February 2020. Working with the board is a welcome opportunity for me to connect with likeminded people who share a vision  that values relationship and connectedness. 


Bronwyn Clee (AU) - Director
Portfolio: Director Social Media & Communication

Northern Territory, AU

I stumbled into Restorative Justice in 2000  and it was love at first bite! Having facilitated many restorative processes, it was when I participated as a victim, in a victim offender conference in 2005, that went terribly wrong, I experienced the true value of skillfully facilitated processes.  

I firmly believe that safe practices can help heal hurt and harm and am passionate about facilitating courageous conversations to help resolve conflict and tension restoratively. 


Everard (Ev) Halbert (NZ) - Director
Portfolio: Cultural Diversity & Membership
Wellington, NZ

After completing my last law elective in 2001, I said ‘yes’ to attending a restorative justice training course. I continued on to the ocean of restorative practice where I see hope and healing. I joined the board to support connection, sharing, and learning. My background in Māori studies, law, mediation, and restorative practice has drawn me into restorative spaces with community law, police, education, corrections, youth, justice, and communities in conflict.

Jim McGrath (NI) - Director
Portfolio:  Governance & Membership
Northern Ireland, GB

My formal RP experience was honed as a Social Worker and community mediator. However my informal training came from my father. He taught his children to always consider the two sides of the story. He guided us, especially the boys, through the Northern Irish Troubles with a message that violence was not the answer.I joined the Board to be part of the change that I wanted to happen and to be around like minded people who would energise and enthuse me. 


Clare Nocka (AU) - Director 
Portfolio: Secretary
South Australia, AU

I have worked in education for 30 years and am passionate about supporting young people to be conflict competent, build healthy relationships and thrive. My involvement in the Board broadens my network and strengthens my resolve to promote this work wherever and whenever I can.

Kirsty Ferguson - Director

I love the potential that Restorative Practice has to resolve the tricky stuff whilst holding the wellbeing and care of all parties central to the process. I love the potential for transformation, that people emerge from these difficult moments in life with greater understanding of themselves, others and the organisations that they are a part of.

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